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Beautiful floral subscription vases outside the door of Camp Hill PA client

Monthly Magic


Flower subscriptions bring our floral design direct to your door.

Whether you're looking to brighten up your kitchen table or the entryway to your business, we offer floral subscriptions for both residential and commercial clients.


We know that every need is unique, so we work with each client individually to find the subscription that's right for them. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, small, medium, large, and custom options are available.

Summer floral subscription vase featuring sunflowers and other colorful flowers

Floral design is up to the artists!

We base our designs on the time of year, what's in season, and the best flowers our growers have in stock. We cannot guarantee in advance what your arrangement(s) will look like, but we can guarantee they will be beautiful!


P.S. Photos below taken by us (non-photographers) or provided by our clients.

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